Ivory colour. Injected thermo-plastic shell with built in base. Supplied with pressure gauge, manual air vent, and multiport valve. Maximum filtration velocity: 50 m3/h/m2.Maximum working pressure: 2,5 kg/cm2.

– Available with side mount or top mount, to adapt to the particular characteristics and available space at each pool site.
– Filter body manufactured of chemical-resistant, weatherresistant, inalterable plastic. Designed for outdoor use.
– Standard equipment with 11/2″, 6+1 multiport valve from AstralPool for the 400-mm, 500-mm, and 600-mm diameters or 2″, 6+1 multiport valve for 750-mm diameters, and 2 1/2″, 6+1 multiport valve for 900-mm diameters, with bayonet closure for filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, waste, close, and winter operations (all inlets and outlets are connected).
– Transparent lid for easier visual inspection and access to the inside of the filter in side-mount valves.
– Collector and diffuser for continuous operation.
– Manual bleeder valve for purging air inside the filter, if necessary.
– Built-in manual bleeder valve for water of 3/4″ in the sand drain plug of the filter for easier drainage without losing sand.
– Sand drain: 1 1/2″ for 400-mm, 500-mm, and 600-mm diameters and 2″ for 750-mm diameter.
– Built-in collector at the bottom to ensure balanced flow and filter backwash.
– Pressure gauge to control filter backwash.
– Built-in base in the lower half of the filter, with holes for correct anchoring to the floor.
– Extra-large 225-mm manhole for easier handling and loading of sand in 900-mm diameters. The upper manhole is 177 mm in the rest of the range.

– Easy to drain. No lost sand, thanks to a manual bleeder valve for water in the sand purge plug.
– Functionality. The advanced technology developed for the Cantabric filters offers extraordinary reliability in operation with low maintenance, allowing the filters to run safely with optimal pool filtering for many years. The equipment also includes the AstralPool 6+1 multiport valve with filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, waste, and closed positions.
– Innovative design. Apart from functionality, AstralPool is concerned with creating a new image for its Cantabric filters, an approach that has led to a product with an attractive, unique design based on the use of a ivory tone and an innovative shape, while also focusing on adaptability to the needs of location.
– Extensive range. Cantabric filters provide an ideal solution for a wide variety of pool sizes, as they meet the filtering needs of pools between 30 and 240 m3 with flow rates of 6,000 l/h to 30,000 l/h at a filtering rate of 50 m3/h/m2.

Top mounted Cantabric monobloc Ø 400 with Sena pump
The Cantabric is now available in a monobloc version! This new equipment eases the installer’s work significantly by providing a compact, reliable solution with an attractive design.
– Includes a sturdy die-cast polypropylene base styled with the same aesthetics as the filter, while also keeping functionality in mind.
– Base is mounted next to the filter (filter continues to rest directly on the floor), thereby completely avoiding the possibility of breakage in the base caused by the filter weight.
– Perfect base-to-filter anchoring using stubs on base.
– The compact unit comes with a 1/3 HP Sena pump (technically speaking, other pumps can also be connected).

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